Ottawa Valley Online.com has been created with vision. As members and long-term residents of the Ottawa Valley, we have dedicated our time, experience and commitment to initiating a home page as a re-investment web site strategically developed to benefit our unique society.

We believe the Ottawa Valley must be on a level playing field with all outside markets. Ottawa Valley Online.com will evolve into your communication vehicle online to enable consumers and businesses to interact electronically for all our products, services and for your enjoyment.

We, in the Ottawa Valley are experiencing relentless outside competitive challenges. The Ottawa Valley is self-sufficient and will remain as such with preparation, acceptance and adapting to the progressive changes and consumer purchasing habits. Within the next 10 years approximately 30% of all products and services will be negotiated and supplied online. Lets protect our market and not allow outside resources and businesses to draw our equity and investment into theirs. Therefore Ottawa Valley Online.com’s commitment and vision is reflected in our mission statement.